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This page outlines all services, channels and contact links for Jared O'Sullivan.

A highly reputable coach and nutritionist who's delivered hundreds of results over the past decade.

A reputation built on constant up-skilling and education, and an approach thats individualised to every single client, and one that focuses fully on a clients overall wellbeing.

This has allowed for the creation of two successful businesses. An online coaching & nutrition service, and a 3000sqft. private gym.



We deliver an extremely personalised service that caters for all needs of training levels. If you're someone who wants to improve their game, you're in the right place. Training wise it will be programmed based on your needs. The nutrition approach will also be based on you, your needs, your preferences, and your past history. The whole approach will work in sync for you to develop.


We also offer a nutrition only service. I am a certified and insured nutritionist (MNU). This service can be availed of if you'd need specific help your nutrition and/or food relationship or potentially if you are a high level trainee who needs guidance to perform.

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